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Viewpoint Control
4662 Learn how to control the position and orientation of the viewpoint in the 3D world.Start »
Robot Programming
5965 Learn how to program a robot, save your controller program, revert and run the simulation.Start »
Obstacle Avoidance
4380 Program a Thymio II robot to cross a classroom filled with obstacles as quickly as possible.Start »
Square Path
2818 Program a Pioneer 3-DX robot to follow a 2m x 2m square trajectory, quickly and precisely.Start »
Inverted Pendulum
1527 Program an e-puck robot to maintain an inverted pendulum up as long as possible.Start »
Pick And Place
1391 Program a youBot mobile manipulator robot to pick and place a cube as quickly as possible.Start »
Pit Escape
656 Program a BB-8 robot lost in a sand desert to climb out of a pit as quickly as possible.Start »
Wall Following
1256 Program a Pioneer 3-DX robot to follow a random wall on its left-hand side, quickly and precisely.Start »
Highway Driving
889 Program a Lincoln MKZ autonomous car to drive as fast as possible on a crowded highway.Start »
Humanoid Sprint
235 Program a Aldebaran NAO humanoid robot to walk as quickly as possible on a 10 meters race.Start »
Humanoid Marathon
176 Program a Robotis OP2 humanoid robot to walk as far as possible before its battery runs out of energy.Start »
Visual Tracking
122 Program an Aibo robot to move its head to track a rubber duck moving in a scattered environment.Start »