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About robotbenchmark

robotbenchmark offers a series of robot programming challenges that address various topics across a wide range of difficulty levels. These benchmarks are provided for free as online simulations. The performance achieved by users is recorded and displayed online.


Participation is open to anyone, free of charge.

Choose a difficulty level

There are 5 difficulty levels:

Use an online robot simulator

The simulations run in the cloud and are made available to you through this web site. You don't need to install any software on your computer. The documentation of the online robot simulator is available on the help page. Any question can asked on the robotbenchmark google group.

Program robots using different languages (soon)

Currently, robots can be programmed only in Python. However, other programming languages such as C, C++, Java or Blockly will be supported in the future.

Compare performance with others

There are two types of benchmarks: absolute benchmarks and comparative benchmarks. Absolute benchmarks feature a scalar evaluation metric to assess the performance of a robot. It could be for example, the time taken by a humanoid robot to run a 10 meters race. Comparative benchmarks (to be available soon at robotbenchmark) oppose the performance of a robot to another robot without providing a scalar evaluation metric. It could be for example, a robot soccer game. Comparative benchmarks yield to a ranking of the robots, relatively to each other.

Keep your code private

The users keep the intellectual property on the source code they submit to robotbenchmark. robotbenchmark will not publish any user source code nor disclose it to any third party.

Share your achievements

robotbenchmark provides marketing tools to help you communicate about your programming achievements. Your robotbenchmark public user profile page summarises how well you performed on the various benchmarks.

Browser compatibility

This table refers to the latest versions of the browsers.

OS / Browser Chrome Firefox Opera Edge Internet Explorer Safari

Contact us

Technical questions should be posted to the robotbenchmark google group. You may ask us other questions to info@robotbenchmark.net.

About us

The robotbenchmark web site was developed by Cyberbotics to foster the use of online simulated robot benchmarks. Most of the provided benchmarks were developed within the Neurorobotics sub-project (SP10) of the Human Brain Project (HBP). These benchmarks are going to be integrated in the Neurorobotics Platform of the HBP.